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The NeuroDiverse Teacher 


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Education & Mindset Consultant | Keynote Speaker | Published Author | Mental Health & Neurodiversity Thought Leader

As The NeuroDiverse Teacher, I specialize in guiding artists, entrepreneurs, and professionals through a transformative journey of self-discovery and cognitive empowerment. My approach is centered on unlocking the full potential of their creative minds, enabling them to overcome past challenges and mental barriers.

In my practice, I focus on nurturing mental wellness, providing deep insights into each individual's unique cognitive processes, and developing innovative mental strategies specifically tailored for the dynamic fields of art and entrepreneurship. My unwavering mission is to create personalized pathways that lead to significant personal breakthroughs and holistic success for every client I work with.

Dr. Kristen C. Eccleston, The NeuroDiverse Teacher.  Award winning educator, education consultant, keynote speaker, author, and mental health advocate.
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Growing up in a one-size-fits-all world, Dr. Eccleston often thought she was an outsider to the education system. As she continued in her education and career, she soon realized that she wasn’t an anomaly to the student population. Neurodiverse students are more common than most believe, and Dr. Eccleston addresses some of the ways we can advocate for the wider population of students so that all recognize the powerful gift neurodiverse students have.

Education & Wellness Consultant | Keynote Speaker | Published Author | Mental Health & Neurodiversity Thought Leader

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About Me

Dr. Kristen C. Eccleston, widely recognized as The NeuroDiverse Teacher, is an esteemed wellness consultant, transformative speaker, published author, and is an international pioneering force in creative mental health solutions, based in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. Her innovative work now transcends traditional educational consulting, embracing the world of artists, entrepreneurs, and professionals, where she catalyzes breakthroughs in mental wellbeing and neurodiversity engagement.

With a rich history of impacting thousands of individuals, from students and families to professionals in high-stakes corporate environments, Dr. Eccleston has expanded her reach beyond the classroom. She leverages over 17 years of experience to revolutionize mental wellness approaches within creative spaces, corporate environments, and educational institutions.

In 2022, her trailblazing efforts were internationally recognized when she was featured as one of WomLEAD Magazine’s Leaders Shaping Women’s Entrepreneurship Future. She further showcased her entrepreneurial spirit in seasons 5 & 10 of The Blox, a global platform celebrating innovative startups.

Holding a Doctor of Education in Mind, Brain, & Teaching from Johns Hopkins University, along with several other academic accolades, Dr. Eccleston continues to contribute to academic scholarship as an Adjunct Professor at Towson University. Her credentials extend to being a former National Board-Certified Teacher- Exceptional Needs Specialist, affirming her commitment to fostering growth and understanding at all levels of learning and development.

Today, Dr. Eccleston is the visionary behind CreativeThrive, an initiative dedicated to guiding creatives and entrepreneurs through personalized mental wellness journeys. Her approach is rooted in a deep understanding of neurodiversity, advocating for tailored, empathetic strategies that resonate on a personal level and inspire professional flourishing.

Away from her transformative work, she cherishes adventurous experiences with her family, each moment reinforcing her advocacy for a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.

For a deeper insight into her journey and the services she offers, please explore Dr. Eccleston's

Professional Portfolio


"Dr. Eccleston is patient, kind, and, most of all, understanding. Her passion and knowledge of student mental health needs is exactly what my child needed to find success in school."


"Dr. Eccleston has a level of knowledge and creativity that is out of this world. Her ability to create learning solutions that are fresh and out of the box is beyond brilliant and makes the financial impact you are looking for."

-Lead Learning Designer

"Dr. Eccleston's talent for understanding the mental health needs of adolescents in the education setting is unprecedented. Her passion and dedication to student success are beyond compare, and she is a true game-changer for the education community."

-High School Principal

"Dr. Eccleston's knowledge of the brain is unmatched. She is a wealth of knowledge and has the skill and demeanor to make her points poignant and impactful."

-Special Education Attorney

"Dr. Eccleston is worth her weight in gold; I would have been lost on how to navigate the education system without her guidance."


"Look out world, Dr. Eccleston is here to make a difference!"


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