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Education Advocacy & Expert Witness

The Special Education process can seem scary and confusing, especially when you feel your child is not receiving the support and care at school they need to succeed.


Having an advocate versed in the procedures, processes, and language associated with special education services can help put you at ease and allow your primary focus to be on your child.


I help families of students with mental health and behavioral needs gain the resources and support they need from their local school team by being a partner with you every step of the way.


Click here to connect with a parent support specialist to determine how I can best support your child's needs.

If you are ready to secure me as an Education Advocate for your child, please visit the

Weinfeld Education Group (WEG) webpage here and submit the Intake Form for WEG Services (you will be able to request to work with me specifically).





I am an experienced expert witness and have supported numerous education and brain-functioning court cases. 

To secure me as an expert witness, please visit the Weinfeld Education Group (WEG) webpage here and complete the Intake for WEG Services Form.

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Expert Witness


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