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The NeuroDiverse Teacher


Empowering the Mind through Tailored Strategies and Mindful Practices for Holistic Growth.

I guide youth, adults, and parents of children with ADHD from mental gridlocks to creative liberation and innovation.

Evaluate. Educate. Empower

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Did you know...

In a world increasingly aware of mental wellness, the complexity of ADHD demands a nuanced, effective approach. At CreativeThrive, I specialize in recognizing and nurturing the distinct cognitive processes of individuals with ADHD. My commitment lies in fostering a space of empathy, appreciation, and active participation in your well-being journey.


Your Productivity and Focus

Eliminate 100% of Your Limiting Beliefs

Develop 50% More Emotional Resilience


Achieve More with a Focused Mind

Transform Your Thought Patterns: Harness Your Cognitive Potential, Overcome Limiting Beliefs, and Elevate Your Life with CreativeThrive

At CreativeThrive, I craft personalized mindset strategies for individuals with ADHD and their families, eliminating limiting beliefs, fostering equitable spaces for expression, and optimizing sustainable success.

1. Evaluate

In this foundational stage, I conduct a thorough assessment to decode the unique cognitive patterns of each individual. Understanding how they perceive, interpret, and interact with the world allows me to identify specific limiting beliefs or habitual patterns that may be limiting their growth.

2. Educate

Building on insights from the evaluation, this phase involves crafting personalized strategies. Clients learn about their brain's unique functioning, understanding how they manage emotions, confront stress, and shape their perceptions. This educational journey empowers them with tailored methods to navigate their mental barriers, cultivating a more effective and positive mindset.

3. Empower

Beyond mere understanding, this phase involves applying transformative practices suited to individual needs. Techniques such as brain rewiring exercises, trauma-informed yoga, and other modalities enable clients to actively restructure their thought processes. This empowerment stage fosters a deep sense of control and self-efficacy, paving the way for success in all facets of life.

Why CreativeThrive

Struggling with ADHD-related challenges that dampen your or your child’s potential? Battling mental hurdles that impact your daily life and relationships? You're not alone. The journey of managing ADHD is as much about mental clarity and resilience as it is about learning effective strategies.

CreativeThrive invites you on a transformative journey to reclaim your mental space and potential. Break free from the shackles of limiting beliefs and step into a more productive, balanced life.

With CreativeThrive, you gain:


  • Personalized Cognitive Strategies: Customized techniques to understand and rewire your brain's processing, transforming mental obstacles into catalysts for success.

  • Emotional Resilience Training: Tools to navigate and transcend the emotional complexities of living with ADHD, cultivating a stable and focused mindset.

  • Guided Creative Revival Program: Structured, supportive programs designed to rekindle your passion and vision, expanding your potential while safeguarding your mental well-being.


CreativeThrive is more than a pathway through mental challenges; it's a journey towards harnessing them, transforming your pursuit of well-being from a path of struggle to one of enlightenment and breakthrough. Embrace a partnership that deeply understands your challenges and lights the path to your reawakening.

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Copy of Copy of MIB ID Card (Instagram Post) (Real Estate Flyer) (Trifold Brochure (Landsc
Copy of Copy of Copy of MIB ID Card (Instagram Post) (Real Estate Flyer) (Trifold Brochure
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Your Growth,
My Unwavering Support: My Promise to You

At CreativeThrive, I understand the courage it takes to confront your limiting beliefs and the vulnerability that comes with nurturing your potential. That's why I commit to standing with you every step of the way.

My promise is not about timelines or quick fixes; it's about a partnership grounded in trust and a shared vision of your well-being. I pledge to:

  • Navigate the Complex: Together, we'll delve into the intricate landscapes of your mind, identifying the unique challenges that hinder your growth.

  • Empower Your Journey: Through personalized cognitive strategies and emotional resilience training, I'll help equip you with the tools not just for temporary relief but for sustained flourishing.

  • Champion Your Growth: I believe in celebrating every victory, big or small, on the path to your fulfillment. I'm not just an observer; I'm an active participant in your journey to greatness.


With CreativeThrive, you're not enlisting a service; you're gaining a steadfast ally. I'm here to affirm that you're not alone, that your aspirations are valid, and that your potential is worth fighting for. This is my unwavering promise to you.

As a Doctor of Education, my approach to helping individuals overcome their limiting beliefs diverges from traditional psychological tactics, focusing instead on the application of learning theories. By understanding how people acquire knowledge, develop skills, and modify their behavior, we create tailored educational strategies that address the root of limiting beliefs. These strategies are grounded in the principles of cognitive development, constructivism, and social learning theory, emphasizing the role of environment, experience, and reflection in personal growth. This educational approach empowers individuals to reframe their thought processes, fostering a mindset conducive to overcoming barriers and achieving their full potential. Through this innovative application of learning theories, I unlock a transformative path for individuals to challenge and change their limiting beliefs, paving the way for lasting personal and professional development.

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  • What is the goal of education advocacy?
    Our goal is to help you, as parents, navigate educational systems to obtain appropriate school services and placement options. We provide an expert opinion about what will be best for your child’s education. We collaborate in school meetings, advocating for our expert opinion to become a reality for your child.
  • What does the process of Education Advocacy look like?
    We speak with you to understand your concerns and goals. We review related educational records including assessments, previous plans (IEP/504), report cards, and communication between home and school. We speak with all involved professionals to gain an understanding of their perspective. We observe your child in school (without their knowing we are there to see them). While at school, we speak with involved school staff to gain an understanding of their perspective. We meet with you to present our expert opinion, including changes that may be needed in the current program and any suggestions for alternative public and/or private programs. We communicate with school personnel through phone calls, written communication and/or meetings to advocate for the necessary changes in program and/or placement. In the course of our work, we also make recommendations for any additional assessments or services that may be necessary to help your child to realize their potential.
  • What happens after the meeting process is done?
    We are available to continue to monitor the implementation of the plan that we have helped create and to make any necessary changes or updates.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Although we do not accept insurance, families may qualify for a reduced rate for our advocacy services based on a review of financial need. Some families may qualify for funding for WEG’s work through the Low Intensity Support Service program, LISS.Round 1 opens May 1st.
  • Why might I need an expert witness?
    There are times, despite our best efforts to collaborate, a judicial process is required to make a decision about what is appropriate for a child.
  • When is it appropriate for you to be an expert witness?
    We serve as expert witnesses in both special education disputes, including mediation and due process hearings, as well as in family court.
  • What does an education expert witness do?
    We testify in legal proceedings, presenting our expert opinion in order to advocate for what we believe is best for your child. We accept referrals directly from parents as well as attorneys. We also provide you with referrals to attorneys, when legal expertise is needed.
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