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Dr. Kristen C. Eccleston

The NeuroDiverse Teacher 


Education Consultant | Keynote Speaker | Published Author Mental Health & Neurodiversity Thought Leader

I work to provide every individual and company I work with the momentum they need to dig deep and meet their goals, despite the challenges they may have faced in the past.

Whether I am supporting families of students with mental health or neurodiverse needs, designing tailored mental health programming for K-12 districts, or supporting Diversity & Inclusion in the corporate space, I make it my mission to deliver outcomes that result in success for all. 

Dr. Kristen C. Eccleston, The NeuroDiverse Teacher.  Award winning educator, education consultant, keynote speaker, author, and mental health advocate.

Did you know...

Increasing mental health diagnoses and a growing population of individuals that are neurodiverse creates the need to approach working with individuals with unique needs in a new and tangible way that promotes value and engagement.

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Growing up in a one-size-fits-all world, Dr. Eccleston often thought she was an outsider to the education system. As she continued in her education and career, she soon realized that she wasn’t an anomaly to the student population. Neurodiverse students are more common than most believe, and Dr. Eccleston addresses some of the ways we can advocate for the wider population of students so that all recognize the powerful gift neurodiverse students have.

Education Consultant & Advocate

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About Me

Dr. Kristen C. Eccleston (The NeuroDiverse Teacher) is an award-winning education consultant, keynote speaker, published author, and mental health thought leader currently living and working in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. Her areas of focus as an education consultant are K-12 and Corporate mental health and neurodiversity engagement.

As an education consultant, she has worked with thousands of students and families in addition to some of the major global management consulting firms. After more than 15 years in the school setting, Dr. Eccleston left classroom teaching to significantly amplify her impact on mental health and neurodiversity approaches in schools and workplace settings.

In 2022, Dr. Eccleston was selected as one of WomLEAD Magazine’s Leaders Shaping Women’s Entrepreneurships Future. In August 2022, she participated in season 5 of The Blox- The Largest Competition TV Show on The Planet for Startups.

Dr. Eccleston’s education history includes a Doctor of Education in Mind, Brain, & Teaching from Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Science in Special Education from Johns Hopkins University, and a Certificate in Educational Leadership and Administration from Hood College. She is an Adjunct Professor at Towson University in their Secondary and Special Education Graduate Programs. Additionally, she is a National Board-Certified Teacher, Exceptional Needs Specialist and holds an Advanced Professional Educator Certificate.

When she isn’t working to advance mental health and neurodiversity in the education and corporate setting, Dr. Eccleston loves spending time with her family and taking on new and exciting adventures.

For more information, please explore my Professional Portfolio


"Dr. Eccleston is patient, kind, and, most of all, understanding. Her passion and knowledge of student mental health needs is exactly what my child needed to find success in school."


"Dr. Eccleston has a level of knowledge and creativity that is out of this world. Her ability to create learning solutions that are fresh and out of the box is beyond brilliant and makes the financial impact you are looking for."

-Lead Learning Designer

"Dr. Eccleston's talent for understanding the mental health needs of adolescents in the education setting is unprecedented. Her passion and dedication to student success are beyond compare, and she is a true game-changer for the education community."

-High School Principal

"Dr. Eccleston's knowledge of the brain is unmatched. She is a wealth of knowledge and has the skill and demeanor to make her points poignant and impactful."

-Special Education Attorney

"Dr. Eccleston is worth her weight in gold; I would have been lost on how to navigate the education system without her guidance."


"Look out world, Dr. Eccleston is here to make a difference!"


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The Promise

I work to provide individuals in all spaces the momentum they need to dig deep and chase their goals, despite the challenges they may have faced in the past.

I want everyone to know they are not alone in the obstacles they face each day, and I make it part of my mission to empower every individual and company I work with to believe in themselves and what they can achieve.

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